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Dented Car

Information to find out from your Insurance Adjuster about your Auto Body Repair? The insurance adjuster is not going to make any decision until they get an estimate from an auto body shop, unless it is very obviously totaled. The auto body repair shop estimator at whatever body shop that you choose to take your … Read more

Certified Shop

Certified Auto Body Technicians are Committed to Their Auto Body Craft Along with understanding of hiring technicians who know how to perform auto body repairs correctly, a certified body shop employs technicians who recognize how to use the latest and greatest technologies. These technicians do their part to leverage best-in-class technologies to complete repairs with … Read more

Certified Auto Body

Use a Certified Auto Body Shop It is important to use a certified auto body shop for your particular brand of automobile or truck. By Certifying shops, OEMs can refer customers to body shops with confidence, knowing that Certified shops make the grade. The sign on the wall and your official credentials prove that your Certified shop is a step above the rest … Read more

Parking Safety

How to Avoid Small Dents and Dings It’s OK to walk a little to park away from other cars. We’ve all done this. We pull up to a shopping center and try to find the closest spot to the store we’re going to. The problem with doing things this way is that all other shoppers … Read more

Car Dent Repair

The Importance of Auto Body Shop Certifications Looking for somebody to take care of your auto body repairs? Let TGIF Body Shop, Inc. take care of it for you! Certified by most auto brands. Quality Workmanship The type of skills required to repair a vehicle today has changed dramatically, with new techniques being introduced every … Read more

Ask Questions

You have been in an accident and you want to get your car repaired as quickly and painlessly as possible. You may be in a hurry to get back on the road, but taking your car to the first body shop or collision center you find is never a good idea. To find a reliable … Read more

Auto Body Shop

Here are the three benefits of getting your car repaired at a professional auto body repair shop. TGIF Auto uses the latest tools and techniques Not every auto repair shop equips itself with the latest and greatest in collision repair technology. From special buffing tools to complex compounds, a high-quality collision repair shop will have … Read more

Headlights Damage

When to Call a Professional There are ways to clean your headlights, however overtime you will need to take them to an autobody shop to get them cleared or replaced. They do get pitted from sand and you may not have the light to see the way you should on dark roads. If you want … Read more

Quality Auto Body Shop

Find a Reliable Auto Body Shop Consider these thoughts for finding a trustworthy body shop, compiled from research with many auto body experts and insurance pros who have high consumer ratings: The shop is working for you, the vehicle owner, and not the insurance company. It’s a conflict of interest for a shop to confuse the relationship, but highly-rated … Read more

Car in Water

Can I get my car body repaired after water damage? Your car may need to be evaluated by a professional body shop after water damage. Your car may have water damage that may cause rust in the car and a body shop can help with this type of repair. Check the information below and contact … Read more