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At TGIF we respect that your vehicle is not only imperative to your ability to function in your life, but that preserving your investment, when possible, is of the utmost importance second to your safety on the road.

With the complexity of today’s vehicles, we know that prioritizing continued education is necessary in order to provide a safe repair.  We are consistently recognized as a Gold Class Repair facility by the educating facet of our industry.    As well we are recognized with several manufacturer certifications.   Our focus is simple.   It is to repair your vehicle as per manufacturer recommendations with original manufacturer parts to retain the integrity of your asset.

Although estimates are sometimes necessary, our approach is to focus on a complete repair plan based on those specifications and utilizing state of the art tools and equipment.  We interface with all insurance companies while our focus is directed at guiding you through the process with your chosen or appointed insurance company.

We will do our best to educate you along the way so that you can stay in the driver’s seat as you move through the process to achieve the mot optimum outcome.  Your completed repair is backed by a lifetime of ownership guarantee and we are part of a network of facilities across the nation should you relocate.  As it was in 1980, honesty, integrity, and customer care are our promises to you.  We invite you to call us for an appointment.