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Meet the Staff

Kathy Mello, CEO:   Kathy has been involved since the inception of TGIF.  As the wife of Founder Rich Mello and mother of four, she worked for many years behind the scenes.  In 1996 she became full time in various roles as the company grew.  She handles marketing as well as overseeing the administrative portion of the business.   Today her priority is seeking new industry information to bring back to the staff in order to keep abreast of the rapid changes in business practices and in technology in order to ensure the utmost safety of the people entrusted to us.  Kathy

gained much of her knowledge of the industry with a master’s degree from The Automotive Management Institute, and by attending The Collision Industry Conferences and other industry related seminars.

Kathy has served two terms as President of the California Autobody Association, a Board Member on the East Bay Chapter, and has Co-founded Women’s Industry Network (a nonprofit promoting and sustaining women in the collision industry).  She has also served as a Board member on The Alameda County Workforce Development Board for 12 years and is a current member of the youth committee. 

She was presented with the Excellence in Community Service Award by the National Auto Body Council in 2016 and was named a Most Influential Woman in 2019.  Her passion is to see more people benefit from a career in this viable industry.

She is always available via email at

Jason Cocco, Partner:    Jason grew up around TGIF Body Shop, and has been involved in some capacity, even as a young child.   He is one of only three family members on staff.  As a second-generation leader, he got most of his experience while being mentored by his father, Rich Mello and has taken a lot of industry, management, and technical education throughout the years. Although Jason never worked as a technician, he has great understanding and a deep appreciation for the role that they play.  He is required to continue with many of those classes to keep current with the ever changing and complex technology. 

Jason loves helping customers and is challenged with relinquishing those duties to evolve from the role of customer service to being the spearhead of the company.  His passion and caring for our valuable and knowledgeable staff is appreciated by those who are working with him.  His current focus is to continue to empower each staff member to be their best on behalf of our guests, to keep them informed, and above all, to perform a safe repair.

You can reach him at


Anthony Watkins: Anthony is the only other family member employed by TGIF.  After attending a year at college, he came home to help when his grandfather became ill.  As a third generation staff member, he is learning many complex diagnosis processes and is deemed great at helping customers through the collision repair and claims process.  He continues to excel.

You can reach him at


Paul Pachote:  Paul had been a painter with TGIF since      .  He studied basic skills at Mission Valley ROP in high school.  He has adapted to, and has perfected use of three different paint line changes over the years.  Paul is meticulous and pays attention to details.  He has been through thick and thin as a loyal employee of TGIF.  In his free time he and his wife support their daughter’s love and passion of horses. 

Aaron Bermillo:  Aaron began as a prepper and is a stellar painter and model employee who adapts well to any given situation. In his years with TGIF since 2017 he has honed his paint skills to perfection and together with Paul, they provide a beautiful and long lasting finish on all of their jobs. He is an awesome team player.


Jimmy Hernandez:  Jimmy is a technician with a wide array of skill sets.. He has done fabrication, worked in exotics, and has a vast knowledge of skill in the more complex areas of frame and suspension repair.  His many years of experience and his methodical approach, along with his positive outlook are qualities which are invaluable. 

Scott Ingraham:  Scott is a second generation employee.  His father, Gary, was the first to be employed by TGIF during the 1980’s and worked with us until his retirement 35 years later.  Scott has even surpassed his father’s talents as a technician in. More complex environment and has been with TGIF faithfully for 20 years.  He also excels as a mentor training new technicians.

Jose Bautista:  Jose came to us by recommendation of a friend from his car club.  He is definitely passionate about his love of cars and is committed to continuing his training as he has for the last few years.  As a dad of two little ones, he is serious about achieving journeyman status and has been patient while waiting for his training program to pick up after the Covid shut down.   In the meantime, he has acquired a lot of skill sets and is committed to proper repair. 


Jackie Mulhearn had been a dedicated Employee with TGIF since she has served in Accounts Payable, as well as handling the bulk of HR and payroll.  Her ability to juggle many tasks has been a contribution to the longevity of the company.  She is well liked and respected by all of her coworkers and her sense of humor lends itself to the positive atmosphere that we prefer to retain. 

You can reach her at